Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd.

  • China Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. company profile
  • China Fujian Hanwei Foods Co., Ltd. company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer
Brands Hanwei
No. of Employees 100~200
Annual Sales 1500000-2000000
Year Established 2005
Export p.c 80% - 90%


Fujian Hanwei Foods Co.,Ltd located in changchen nanxiwan pioneer park, fugong town, longhair city, Fujian province, china, it is sister company with Xiamen Q.Z.W Foods Co and Tangshan Q.Z.W Foods Co.,Ltd, our company is producing and exporting fried or roasted peas, beans, peanuts, rice cracker processing and its related food deep processing production, with 15 years hard work and development, From small to large, the company has developed into a local key pillar enterprise with considerable strength . In order to improve the production capacity of the enterprise and expand the market of domestic and international market, the company built a new factory in longhai, fujian province in 2019, with a plant area of more than 6,000 square meters and a production capacity of 3,000 tons per year. All the production workshops comply with GMP standards.
Over the years, the company has grasped the market opportunities in the differentiation competition and formed its own advantages. In order to enter the domestic and international markets successfully, the company has passed HACCP, FDA, BRC, FSMA, KOSHER etc certification.
The company's product positioning for high-grade products,
" to create a brand in hebei province, the development of sales network outside the province "business strategy, through multi-variety, small quantities, large-scale production methods to strengthen enterprise management.
80% of products are selling to international market, and 20% of products are mainly selling to Beijing, Shanghai, zhejiang and Jiangsu etc areas, which are generally favored by consumers. The company not only has a certain reputation in the same industry, but also signed cooperation agreements with more powerful enterprises outside the province, using ourselves stable resources, advanced equipment and technical advantages for processing "OEM" products. And solve problems of market, capital and development and achieve the win-win goal

Our main product is various flavor of fried green beans, broad beans, peanuts, rice cracker and puffed snack. Its products with high quality and low price, exquisite packaging, unique taste, and best-selling all over the world and enjoying good reputation with good quality and competitive price. We believe that "to choose us is to choose quality, choose rest assured".
The company is determined to adhere to the tradition, innovation, to ensure quality, improve the efficiency of the principle, step by step, in order to update, higher, better products to serve our customers, let them enjoy our product and feeling our sincerity


  1. Quality control: A food factory is typically equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by experienced professionals, which helps to ensure that the products are of the highest quality. This can include measures such as regular testing and monitoring of food products, as well as the use of specialized equipment to help maintain product freshness and flavor.

  2. Efficiency: By streamlining production processes, a food factory can produce large quantities of food quickly and efficiently. This can help to keep costs low and reduce the time it takes for products to reach consumers.

  3. Customization: A food factory can often offer customized options for clients, such as tailored packaging and labeling, as well as unique flavors and ingredients.

  4. Safety: Food factories are typically subject to strict safety regulations, which helps to ensure that the products are safe for consumption. This can include measures such as regular sanitation checks, temperature monitoring, and the use of protective equipment for workers.

  5. Sustainability: Many food factories are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, such as using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and implementing sustainable production methods.

  6. Global recognition: A well-run food factory can establish a reputation for producing high-quality products, which can help to increase demand for its products both domestically and internationally.

Our Team

Meet our team members:

John Doe, CEO: John has over 20 years of experience in the food industry, and has a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction. He is dedicated to leading the team and ensuring that our products are of the highest quality.

Christiana, Marketing Manager: Christiana has a background in marketing and communications, and is responsible for promoting our products and building relationships with our customers. She is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and helping our customers achieve their goals.

At Fujian Hanwei Foods,we are committed to delivering quality and excellence in everything we do. Our team is dedicated to innovation, customer satisfaction, and ongoing growth, and we are proud to be a leading food company in the industry.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your food production goals.

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